Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year - New Projects

Okay..Okay..  I've decided that I am not doing my best at keeping up with the Sally's Fabrics blog so, here goes my new year's resolution:  I promise..I promise I will keep up the blog with up-to-date projects, and sewing news.  Sooo... here is to a new year!!

Once I got over my extreme fatigue of completing all of my holiday projects, I picked myself right back up, and began the new year with some machine embroidery projects.

Haven't you noticed the HUGE move towards quilting??  I am so excited about this because it has pulled some new sewers into the market.  I admit quilting is very addictive; and, sewers young and old have hopped right on board towards completing all kinds of beautiful quilts. But, hence I have also noticed that embroidery is also making it's way back, but with a twist.  I remember the days when my Grandma taught me how to hand embroider (we will be teaching this soon at Sally's!)  And, I admit I still love doing it; but, I am amazed at the beautiful embroidery work that my sewing machine will do.  It is also very simple (I was shocked to learn this:)  So, a few weeks back I "Googled" modern machine embroidery, and proceeded to make up some projects that I have set out in the store for display.  Take a look below.

On each of these pillows I stitched my embroidery out on off-white muslin.  I also used some of our new Amy Butler fabric.  Each pillow turned out so bright and cheery.  For the above pillow I downloaded my design from "Meringue Designs."   On my pillow below, I used SWAK embroidery.  Both websites have so many embroidery designs.

Okay - next embroidery project:  design your own shopping totes!

To make this 15-minute grocery bag you’ll need:

1 piece of canvas cut 20”x34”
2 pieces of 1” handbag webbing cut 18” long each
heavy cardboard cut to fit bottom, approx 8”x10”

Fold the canvas in half, and sew the two sides of the bag , then sew an 8” gusset along the bottom of the bag with heavy triple stitching to reinforce the seams, fold down top of bag 1/2” and sew all around.  Attach straps with lots of stitching. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom. This gives it stability. All done!

It did not take me that much additional time to embroider my bags.  I admit.... I'm now addicted to embroidery.

Look at the detail.... very cool!

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  1. the pillows and bags turned out great!
    :0) cynthia