Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies Night - Thursday, March 31

This Thursday we are going to be having our "Girls Only Night" NOW CALLED  "Ladies Night."  We changed the name because we had so many inquiries about who was invited to come and participate.  Actually, all ages are invited - from baby to age 100+!  This Thursday we will be having refreshments (of course!) and will also be having two separate demonstrations.  Our first demonstration will be how to make those cute flowers for your hair, or for headbands, or for your clothes.  These flowers are extra special because we will not only demonstrate how to make them, but will  also demonstrate how to add "burnt" edges to your flowers....it's the new and instyle way to make these cute flowers.

Next, we will be doing a demonstration on how to use our in store Accu-cut machine.  This machine works like a die cut machine, but is for use on fabrics.  This machine makes it so much easier to cut out specific designs for your sewing project - and whats more, is it's quicker and certainly more precise! Our Accu-cut machine is always in our store, and is available for use for a minimal charge.

After these two demonstrations, we will move onto our "make and take" projects.  As a customer you get to pick one of the projects shown below.-+

The first photo above is just an introduction of a class I would like to begin this summer.  Depending on any feedback  I receive it will be called "Fabulous Scrap 90/10."  Yes, it will involve a very, very small portion of scrapbooking - only 10%.  The rest of the process will involve fabrics and yes, sewing.  It will be fun.  This make and take will be just a small introduction.

The bottom picture is a portable tissue cover - you know for those small tissues that you keep in your purse, or for travel??? 

Anyway,  come to our "ladies night" PLEASE.... We would love to see you -- and
to entice you even more....all regular priced items will be on sale for 25% off (machines and software not included.)  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Block of the Month

So I'd like to introduce our NEW up and coming Block of the Month Quilt! This quilt is square and measures approximately 48" by 48".  Included each month is two coordinating ornaments.

This quilt is great for all quilters... especially beginners who aren't afraid of a little hand embroidery - the detail on each block is hand embroidery (Don't worry  it's easy!!)  The program starts April 1, and consists of two blocks as well as two ornaments per month - by starting now you will be done in time to display your handiwork for the holidays!

Cost per month:  $20.00
Start date: - April 2011
Monthly Kit:  - Each month the customer will receive the patterns for two squares, and that month's two coordinating ornament patterns, AND white muslin for each month's squares and ornaments.  Customers will need to purchase their own embroidery floss.

The monthly kit does not include the red sashing, batting, or backing of the quilt; although, we will carry the red fabric, similar to what is shown above, if you would like to purchase your finishing supplies at Sally's.

Please note:  This quilt is not a class - meaning that  stitch instruction can be explained each month as needed. Only monthly kits are available to sell at this time.  The pattern as a whole is not available at this time.

  Here is April's Ornaments (soooo cute!)

  Here is a "closer" view of month 1's blocks (it also includes a partial view of  month 6's blocks... ha ha.)  Please call the store and sign UP today 480-833-7201.