Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's fabric "USER"

So - I'm trying to reach out to more of our customers...

I have been doing some broader studying and have learned that some of my customers just might not be the typical home sewer. But all people can be considered fabric users.  Here is a brief list of what we consider "our customers."

Restaurant Owner
Hospital supply person
Small Manufacturer
AND many, many more...

By definition, a "fabric user," does not have to be a home sewer.  A fabric sewer can also staple, glue, or velcro fabrics to get that desired look.

Remember there are many, many different types of fabrics out there: cottons, denims, knits, satins, fabrics that are shiny, fabrics that are oh sooo soft, fabrics that are strong like home dec fabrics, vinyls, and canvas.  There are also soft baby fabrics.  My favorites are those fabrics that are bright and cheery, fabrics that go "BLING."

What I'm letting each of you know is that you don't have to be a sewer to love fabrics.  Fabrics have oh so many multi purposes.  In my last house I didn't sew, but stapled my drapry to a board, and hung them.  They were very modern, and very cool.  All I did to get my idea was to look through a few magazines.

I'm hoping that you ladies (and men too) who don't know how to sew, or don't feel confident doing so - you can still put something together with fabric.  I have many students who are excited to put together something new, and have never sewn a straight line on a sewing machine before.

That being said,  here are a few sewing, yes sewing, projects that take no previous sewing skill, and very little instruction.  Guess what??? No more excuses!  At Sally's Fabrics we even rent sewing machines for in store use.  If you schedule ahead you can come into to the store, rent a machine, and by paying a small fee, get some instruction on your current project.  How can this be you ask?  On Saturdays, we have Lola available in our "sewing lab" - if customers schedule to come, she will be there to answer your every question.

So... if your interest has been peaked, take a look below.

Okay - here is a prime example of something you can do with fabric - YOU can become a "fabric user."  This picture to the left is a close up of a lamp shade done by a customer, who is not a sewer, who, cut out circles and pasted them with fabric glue all over  her lamp shade, which had been worn out.  Then, with some very simple training she was taught how to zig zag stitch over the circles.  She did the stitching only for effect - with the fabric glue no stitching was required - so if you are not a "home sewer" feel free to recover any small appliances as necessary.  All it takes is fabric and glue!

Next project -

This is a rag quilt made entirely with flannel.  At Sally's we would be more than happy to help you in choosing the right amount of fabric for this project.  A rag quilt is a great project for a beginning sewer. :)

And last but not least....

Okay - I know the detail on this quilt is a little hard to see, and I know it looks impossible!  But wait.... this quilt is mostly hand embroidery - very easy!  It can be done while watching TV or while sitting and relaxing in the car, or even while on vacation.  This quilt is just one block at a time, and is another great starter quilt.

Come into Sally's, and we will be happy to get you started!

So, until next time - remember just because you may not be a "home sewer" you can definitely become a FABRIC USER!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kids Summer Camp, Session 2 -

Okay, Okay.... I said there would be pictures for the July Summer Kids Camp projects - and here they are!!! sorry for the delay :)

I l o v e d  this project!  Why you ask....? I know it doesn't really look like much; but, the idea is great.  This is a water bottle holder - it is lined - and it is insulated.  Really, it's great.  What is not pictured is its over-the-shoulder strap which sports for easy travel to games, vacations, and yes, eventually back to school.  Kids will be able to have the water bottle they take to school stay cooler for a much longer time.

Onto project #2

Okay, this project is also very cool.  Do you have kids that when they travel, or get ready at a friend's house, or even just have a simple sleep over, have no organization to their toiletries at all???  This convenient little bag is just the right size for headbands, ribbons, clipies, flowers, curling irons, flat irons, and yes, even make up.  What's even greater is that with this project, kids will learn how to install a zipper.

And, last but not least... project #3

This was a fun project; and, I'm sure this will be a favorite.  It's a friend picture pillow.  I simply ragged the edges, and was able to permanently place the pictures randomly on the pillow so, that there would be no worries when it came to sewing straight lines, or applying straight pictures.  If your child chooses fabric to coordinate with their room, than they can also have a decorative pillow with their friends on it.  Lets hope they choose their photos wisely.... ha ha ha.  

Anyway,  just a bit more information, for our June kids summer camp (session 1) we will be completing three projects.  June's kids summer camp runs from June 6-11, and June 20-24.  There is a chance we will add one more week from June 27-July 1st as both June weeks are almost full.  

In July, we will kick off Kids Summer Camp (Session 2) with 3 completely new projects, all featured in this post.  This session starts July 11-15th, and is almost full.  If it fills I will add an additional week - more information will be coming if that is to happen.

I am soooo excited to have so many kids who are interested in sewing!  Don't forget that we will continue to be having our year round "Kids Can Sew" sewing program.  If you are interested please call the store at 480-833-7201.  We have even started enrolling teens.

Until next time...keep  a sewin'

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids Summer Camp, Session 1 - Summer is on it's way!

This year I am holding two week long summer camps.  The first camp runs from June 6-10, and is $75.00 plus supplies.  Take note of the projects featured below.

This cute owl purse is our first project, as it will take the longest.  Isn't it sooo cute??  Just lift the purse by the owl's beak to reveal a zipper.  This purse was designed by Sharon, one of our employees - yes.... Sharon is the same gal who designs all of our unique animals throughout the store.  

NOTE:  This June, Sharon will be having another animal class!  Check out our website for times.  Come in and make any of her available animals.  The class is done in two sessions; and, you will have Sharon on hand to answer all of your animal questions.

Okay - here is project #2 for our Summer Kids camp.  Isn't it fun??  Yes, it is a shirt, not a short dress!

AND, here is project #3, to be done in Session 1.  Turn that big beach towel into a towel wrap, secured by Velcro.  It will keep you covered getting out of the shower, tub, or swimming pool.

This is the deal though - The session only holds 8 students.  Session 1 is already FULL, but don't panic, we have opened another week, from June 20-24.  It's filling too - so act fast!  And, sign up your child today.  Only by signing up your child plus paying for your child holds your spot!

Coming soon.... Kids Summer Camp Session 2 - July 11- 15.  Photos and samples displayed in the store this week!