Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kids Summer Camp, Session 2 -

Okay, Okay.... I said there would be pictures for the July Summer Kids Camp projects - and here they are!!! sorry for the delay :)

I l o v e d  this project!  Why you ask....? I know it doesn't really look like much; but, the idea is great.  This is a water bottle holder - it is lined - and it is insulated.  Really, it's great.  What is not pictured is its over-the-shoulder strap which sports for easy travel to games, vacations, and yes, eventually back to school.  Kids will be able to have the water bottle they take to school stay cooler for a much longer time.

Onto project #2

Okay, this project is also very cool.  Do you have kids that when they travel, or get ready at a friend's house, or even just have a simple sleep over, have no organization to their toiletries at all???  This convenient little bag is just the right size for headbands, ribbons, clipies, flowers, curling irons, flat irons, and yes, even make up.  What's even greater is that with this project, kids will learn how to install a zipper.

And, last but not least... project #3

This was a fun project; and, I'm sure this will be a favorite.  It's a friend picture pillow.  I simply ragged the edges, and was able to permanently place the pictures randomly on the pillow so, that there would be no worries when it came to sewing straight lines, or applying straight pictures.  If your child chooses fabric to coordinate with their room, than they can also have a decorative pillow with their friends on it.  Lets hope they choose their photos wisely.... ha ha ha.  

Anyway,  just a bit more information, for our June kids summer camp (session 1) we will be completing three projects.  June's kids summer camp runs from June 6-11, and June 20-24.  There is a chance we will add one more week from June 27-July 1st as both June weeks are almost full.  

In July, we will kick off Kids Summer Camp (Session 2) with 3 completely new projects, all featured in this post.  This session starts July 11-15th, and is almost full.  If it fills I will add an additional week - more information will be coming if that is to happen.

I am soooo excited to have so many kids who are interested in sewing!  Don't forget that we will continue to be having our year round "Kids Can Sew" sewing program.  If you are interested please call the store at 480-833-7201.  We have even started enrolling teens.

Until next time...keep  a sewin'

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