Friday, December 17, 2010


We are starting a new monthly event at Sally's Fabrics.  I apologize if I have talked about it before, but there has been a slight change this holiday season in regards to this boutique.

Okay here we go......

Each month we are going to have what is called a "Girls Only Night."  It will be a fun evening, different most months, to provide V A R I T Y. I will always try to have some kind of "make -n- take," which I think is so fun.  And of course, there will always be delicious refreshments.  This Spring I want to start a new fun class called "Scrap-booking with fabric 90/10."  What this will be is a scrapbook compiled with up to 90% fabric and only 10% paper.  Many of the pages you won't even want to put in a binder, but frame because they are so beautiful.... Anyway, in January, I was thinking that it would be fun to actually come to our "Girls Only Night" and to make the first page - preferably for free... (That is my goal.)  I want to get our customers excited about this new class.

Also at "Girls Only Night," I will TRY to always have a boutique.  They items being sold are so cute.  Anyway the slight change I mentioned in the beginning is this:  We are leaving the boutique items from our Girls Only Night held on November 30 up through the holiday season.  I have included a few pictures to tempt you into coming into the store.  I have to say that each item is priced very reasonably, and would make a great handmade gift.  We have many hair accessories that are PERFECT for stocking stuffers.

Please note!  We only have 13 days left before Christmas.  Give the gift of fabric, a gift card, or a SEWING MACHINE. YEAH!!  Make it a Christmas they will never forget, and with each machine purchase, you will receive free sewing instruction, and 10% back on a gift card to use anywhere throughout the store. Our gift cards never expire.

Happy Holidays!!  We love our customers :)


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