Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hoodie Towel

I thought it would be great to establish a pattern of putting "How to's" on the blog.  This particular towel is GREAT as a baby gift or can be made if you are having a baby yourself! (congrats...)  Anyway, the first thing I did was buy a towel - regular size, and a coordinating washcloth.  See the following pictures.
Now I bought the towel already sewn with flower embroidery; although, with my Pfaff embroidery machine I could have added the flowers EASILY....  I didn't have as much luck on the washcloth; so, I made sure I bought a washcloth with the same pile.  Because I couldn't just have a PLAIN white washcloth, (very boring) I added a small amount of coordinating Minky.
With the wash cloth you 1.) fold one side back approximately 3-31/2" and pin.  I then measured a minky scrap that fit the back 2/3rds of the washcloth and pinned in place.  2.) Next, I stitched the folded part of the washcloth in place.  My stitching is where you see the pins on the white part of the washcloth. 3.) At this point you will fold your washcloth right sides together, and stitch the back side of the washcloth (1/2" seam) turning right side out when done.  Your stitching line will be where the pins are placed on the pink minky (the pins going up and down) but, on the wrong side of the washcloth.

After you prepare your washcloth, you will get your towel ready.  1.) Fold your towel in half lengthwise, and place a pin marking the middle of your towel. I find it very handy to also pin the edges of your towel together so that when you are measuring your pleats, you end of with both sides of your towel being even. 2.) Starting on one side of the towel measure 5" and fold back a portion of your towel 2" to make your first pleat. To make your second pleat you will measure 3" and fold back a portion of your towel 2" to make your second pleat.  Repeat last step to make your third pleat.  3.) Repeat the entire step #2 on the other side of the towel, adjusting the third pleat if necessary to make sure your sides are even. 4.) Once the pleats are in place, baste over the pleats to keep in place, and remove pins.

To attach the washcloth to the towel you are going to pin the right side of the washcloth to the right side of the towel.  The back seam of the washcloth pins directly to the marked middle of the towel. Stitch through all layers.  When finished, I like to hand sew a white pom pom to the top of the hoodie - making the towel even cuter.


** Now, I have to say here that I like to buy fairly plush towels - they last longer.  In fact, I have two towels that my kids are still using today.  They are as good as ever!  When making these towels you will notice that you will be sewing through several layers of towel especially if you add minky like I did.  When I use my duel feed on my Pfaff machine, (not JUST a walking foot, mind you) I never brake a needle.


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