Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fabric Quality, Does it Matter??? - YES!!

I was doing a little research this week on comments posted on the internet regarding Sally's Fabrics in Mesa, Arizona.  I think it is healthy to see what customers think of your store.  What I found was a comment that was somewhat positive and interesting.  The customer LOVED our huge selection; but, at the same time, was disturbed by the higher prices of the fabrics, when compared to other fabric stores like Walmart and Joannes.

SO... I felt an explanation was in order...

I have to admit (and am embarrassed to do so!) that when I joined  Sally's Fabrics five whole years ago I knew nothing about the quality of fabric... i.e. thread count, feel of the fabric etc...  so, here I have sewed regularly for 20+ years and have been buying cute fabric, yes, a bargain, yes, but low quality, also yes.

So you may ask, DOES FABRIC QUALITY COUNT? And the answer is YES!

What I did to back up my opinion regarding this subject was I interviewed a lady who is a master quilter (one who is not associated with Sally's Fabrics.)  I was very interested in getting a second opinion on fabric quality.  And, this was her opinion:

"Quilting is such a fun hobby; and, it is time consuming.  But, when a project is finished WOW you have such a beautiful project.  The interesting thing though is I am adamant that when doing such an important project, sewers must use high quality fabric - that is, you need to look for fabric which has a high thread count, fabric that won't bleed, and fabric that won't fall apart while you are working with it."  **April Price

In fact, with any project you are working on, if you are going to go through the process of actually taking the time to sew it.  (I mean SERIOUSLY we can all find cheaper pre-made projects at the store) why would anyone spend money on low budget, low quality fabric???

NOTE TO MY FOLLOWERS:  Buy your fabric to last a lifetime!  I mean really, what would it be like to wash lets say, your newly purchased flannel from Sally's  and have it come out of the dryer not all wadded up in a ball??  Or, how about buying flannel that doesn't ball up with multiple washings?  And I have to mention our minky fabrics.  I have a baby receiving blanket made from Sally's Fabrics  minky  six years ago!  And, my daughter is still carrying it around!  The minky is still as soft as the day it was made.  That is even hard to find in a minky blanket bought in a high priced department store!

So... I guess the message I'm trying so hard to get across is, you pay for what you get  i.e. QUALITY FABRIC  when you shop at Sally's Fabrics. 

At Sally's your fabric will last a lifetime!!

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