Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls Only Night!

Welcome, Welcome to our first "Girls Only Night" to be held on November 30, 2010.

Girls Only Night will be a monthly event starting this November.  In December we will have a "Sew-In."  Wait...don't leave! I'll explain each in a few short sentences.  Girls Only Night - November - Come enjoy refreshments catered in part by Sweet Cakes, (Yummy!!) and take part in demonstrations, bundle sales, a BOUTIQUE, door prizes, and a chance to win a FREE block of the month quilt (you must be present to receive free item,) and a chance to watch, and leave with a free embroidered design (shown below.)  We are so excited to see all of our LOYAL customers!
Okay,  here is the deal :)  Come to our "Girls Only Night," and we will embroider this design for you for free!  There are just a few limitations:  We have preselected a few colors of embroidery thread that will be used for that night.  We have reserved the colors you see here as well as the fabric(for purchase) and pattern (for purchase.)  We will also have two other selections of embroidery colors that can be stitched out that night, colors that go with two other pre-selected lines of fabric for use with this pattern.

Of course, at Sally's Fabrics we have an entire range of colors of thread that you can use in your embroidery machine.  Come that night and see all of our new fabrics.  And hopefully by that night we will be stocked with all of our new notions!  We appreciate your patience.  At Sally's Fabrics our goal is this:  We want to be completely stocked with machines, fabric, and notions.  We also wish to become your favorite teaching store... meaning, at Sally's Fabrics be prepared to not only find your sewing machines, fabric, and notions; but come to us to LEARN HOW TO SEW!  On Saturday's, we also have our marvelous teacher, Lola, here to help you with your sewing projects.  Call ahead (before Saturday, or she might not be here,) and Lola will help you with that project that "you just can't figure out."  Lola is a whiz at sewing.

Okay - next....December 10th we will have our "Sew In, and a Movie" night.  This night will cost you only $10.00, and that includes dinner - pizza and drink, and of course, will hold your spot!  Call now, space is limited.  Come and finish those Christmas projects that you want no one to see.  Or, just come and enjoy as we stitch away and enjoy each others company.  If that's not a good enough reason - come and meet a new friend.  We look forward to seeing you for both.                                                                                                                

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